If you are looking for the explicit comments on the aesthetics and functionality of your products, projects and services…. Inner Art Interiors is always there to provide you with the best consultation! We first try to establish a reference point & try developing a good understanding of your needs. Alternatively if you do not have an idea of where to start from, our managed service of consultancy team… bring forth points and prepare a report on how to improve your, product, space or in whole the project!

This phase in Interior designing may be also regarded as the design exploration and brainstorming phase… It’s the starting line for any interior design project. During the process of this particular phase… Inner Art Interiors, get to learn everything about the Client. The Lifestyle, the preferences, likes and dislikes, needs, goals and wishes… EVERYTHING about the Client’s designated space!!! It’s very important for us to see through the client’s eyes in-order to create something they’d Love to Want
In this process:
• Detailed discussions about the project are made.
• Documentation process is done roughly.
• Discussion related to preferences and ideas are done.
• References are provided by both ends.
• Establish a preliminary budget.