Design Stage

The Design stage is concerned with the development of the detailed and technical design of a specific project. It is more likely to include, making the detailed planning application for statutory approvals.

This process is said to be the road map to realizing our vision perspective for each of the clients, in a planned, organized and coordinated documentation of all design elements, selections and decisions made along the way of various phases. It ensures a throughout understanding of the design plan and specifications.

Thus, during the Design Development phase Inner Art Interiors refines and approves the developed design concepts into more detailed drawings. Which might include the following:
• Floor plans
• Elevations
• Reflecting ceiling plans
• Selection of materials and finishes
• Details of architectural elements including doors and windows
• Furniture plans
• Selection of furniture and furnishings

Once these drawings are approved, we start preparing the final drawings and specifications which might have the revision made to drawings with the requisite changes. After generating the final drawings and written specifications list, describing in detail all furnishing and materials to be acquired and schedule time frame, becomes the part of contract with the client.
Thus, this phase can be considered as a critical path time- frame mapping the duration of each activity in consecutive and overlap order. And the deliverable will be a more detailed set of drawings that communicates the overall layout and volume of the space with significant equipments, material details for every surface of the project.