Project brief

Project brief is the step of understanding the aspirations and functional requirements of any venture. It is actually the critical part of any interior design project.

Inner Art Interiors carefully go through this process as this all-important document will enable us to prioritise the elements that are key to a successful design. This phase may also be considered as the foundational statement against which the success of the project is continuously measured.

Inner Art Interiors requires to make this brief, so that it help a better understanding to prepare a scope of works and fee proposal for the client. And once engaged in the workings, we develop the client’s initial brief into a much more detailed checklist of functional & aspirational parameters which is also referred to as a return-brief, assisting the client to think through the finer details that may not immediately come to mind.

This brief hence, encompasses not only the client’s likes and dislikes but also the hopes, dreams  and expectations about the interior space. By creating this brief we make a clear picture and understanding of the project with its requirements.

“ Committing some time and thought at the start of the project can save the whole load of time, money and stress later…