The work of an interior designer ( be it individually or a complete firm) is to enhance and beautify a set space. In other words, Interior designers work to create a variety of indoor environments that may include residential, medical, educational, cultural, civic and commercial.


When centred on Commercial Interior Designing …. It includes a broad spectrum of interior commercial spaces and environments, such as:  offices, retail stores, restaurants and other spaces where business is conducted.

Inner Art Interiors is a full service, interior design firm based in Lahore… known for its interiors specialization in the commercial sector. Wether designing residential or commercial spaces, Inner Art has always built a reputation in achieving high-rated individual results for discerning all clientele.

 Inner Art believes in making strong relationships understanding the worth of well- designed interior space for the accurate growth of any business. As the layout and the flow of any office or retail space is critical to the experience of both the client and employees, which has a direct impact on the long term success and g the business. To fulfil this effort… With a team of professional designers, we strive hard to create and direct the construction of these commercial spaces.

Inner Art – works with an aim of partnering with client together, to build their vision. We make the process easier, faster and more cost efficient– thus Inner Art Interiors make it simple to do business.

Holding an experience of more than a decade, our skilled team is always  ready to take on any kind of hardships from – long standing programs rollouts to new brand embarkment. Our full service approach benefits the clients with expertise in building new concepts, expanding franchise footprints or be it of refreshing existing brands.


We always try to enrich client’s customer experience through inspired and thoughtful design. With the best in designing, quality and services we always help you discover unmatchable solutions and styles tailored in accordance to the project needs and demands.

 Inner Art guides the client to select materials, colours and furnishings that align with the company’s brand and aesthetic. Our designers then arrange the layout of interior walls and use of spaces.  The design process is collaborative and tailored accordingly to the budget and project. And finally with professional of a dedicated team working, we generate guidance and direction in upbringing the execution of project with seamless delivery and installation.

Every walking client in Inner Art is dealt with an expert office planner, guiding them through the complicated process of creating new spaces. We always have a keen focus on look, feel, function and most important the comfort zone. From concept to completion we guide client in each phase. Our designing phase begins with the rough sketch and measurements to the creating of virtual concept of how it will look and function on completion.

Through computer generated 2D and 3D drawings, we help the client to see what their space would look before going through the execution in physical aspect.

No matter the size of space be it small or big, Inner Art Interiors have simple and easy to follow process to get the ball rolling.

Alongside with other interior works we also focus on making sure that your space is compliant with all fire safety requirements, addresses noise pollution and environmental lighting and complete check of wiring and network issues. Let Inner Art Interiors be your next commercial interior designers to get the best experience.

From global giants to the new emerging concepts, Inner Art Interiors have the work done and vast knowledge of consistently serving the brand while creating a simplified experience for new to come.

Supported by an underlying thread of sustainable quality, We always ensures that the client’s greatest investment is also their greatest source of comfort, pride and self-expression. Our crafts and visual stories once become a signature surrounding. Guided by the client’s aspirations as well as their diverse experiences , our firm designs interiors allowing clients to fully express who they are and what actually holds meaning to them.

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