Customized furniture design does not exactly means handmade. Rather, it means that instead of being made according to the preset design, it is design specifically according to the client’s need, desire and room of space available for a certain craft piece.

For most people, the idea of customized furniture seems unattainable. Since the only way to get custom furniture was to hire a designer or carpenter to build something just for you along with all the trouble of cost and procure. But now Inner Art have emerged to fix this very problem, making it easier, cheaper, faster—and not forget to mention, way more fun—to mix and match patterns, finishes, sizes, and shapes to create a piece of furniture that’s perfect for you and your space. Inner Art is making your favorite customized furniture with designs that are according to a customer’s budget.

Even though the most common way to design wood furniture is still a pencil and graph paper but now with the help of improved quality powerful tools like furniture software and woodworking software, Inner Art designs the custom solid wood furniture, in order to save both money and time.

The Customized furnishing Inner Art provides, open  gates to create collaboration between the customer and the craftsman to design and engineer the piece so that the customer feels involved with the production. Where the choices of the fabrics and finishes are of high quality and are in support of the individual’s demand, thus creating a piece of furniture becoming an heirloom that could be passed down.

Inner Art is expertise in customized designing for both residential as well as commercial use. It’s true, that one can get a wide range of choice in terms of finishes and fabrics with disposable or factory made furniture but nothing beats the sheer range and options available when one use a custom craftsman. As it provides path for customers to carry  the swatches often to their homes or offices, to ensure what goes perfect with the space.

If the thought of ordering custom furniture was like giving you a headache, you might now want to reconsider.As now the world is your oyster! Getting custom furniture from Inner Art symbolises that you can really anchor yourself to your place and put a part of yourself into it. It means you have furniture that really fits, that is made of the best materials and does more than look pretty. With a few simple strategies you can make the process stress-free, and in the end, you’re likely to have a piece of furniture that truly reflects your style and works well with the layout of your space….!!!

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