To take a kick off start, a brief description of interior designing —that it is the combination of art and science involved in emphasising a certain place be it a residential or a commercial based.

Why is interior designing important for offices???

Well to answer this!…. The first thing that eye catches the attention of the visitor at a certain space of work is definitely its interiors and furnishing.

Everyone of us wants a workplace which is a composition of physical and mental comfort zone, so that an individual can perform or function to give its best. Hence this is what actually today’s modern office design trends are striving to achieve.

Inner Art Interiors (pvt) Ltd, declares its excellency in coming up with the hottest trends and concepts  availed in modern office designing. With the experience of over years in building innovative workspace for a wide range of clients across a variety of industries. It yeilds with all the trendsetting design concepts that one can consider for their office renovation, in-order to approach the unrivalled employees.

These days, salary or financial compensation alone is not the only factor for driving employees to a certain work place. Now, what factually a best employee demands is the workplace or the office with an environment that  stimulates creativity so as to reduce mental stress and anxiety. There by, we create, construct and use modern office interior design concepts to attract the company’s employees while simultaneously utilising the complete potential of the set workspace.

Besides employee preference, an office interior design is also important for a reason, that is the interior having its direct impact on the employee’s productivity, which later results in the organization’s growth and development. Everyone of us wants a workplace that allows an individual to stay focused and concentrated, when needed and also to have a better collaboration and communication level when required.

Keeping in mind all these fore-mentioned  facts, the artisans and qualified designing team of Inner Art works to enhance the office interiors.

An organization  or an office have certain areas which includes:-

  • Reception area
  • Lounge/ waiting area
  • Executive’s office
  • Common working area
  • Conference room
  • Meeting areas
  • Café areas

These areas are designed with certain set design elements in order to sleekly beautifying the space.

The design Elements used in designing and enhancing the beauty of place varies in many terms and styles. Once a client select and decides which element to incorporate in renovating the office interiors, Inner Art Interiors then explains the clients in  detail, its impact on the employee’s motivation, health and productivity thereby also introducing with the budget friendly cost of implementing elements.

Now a days, pioneer based companies are mostly incorporating the Activity-Based Working office Interior design , the advantage of which is that an employee can work from any space in the office— that suits the employee’s current activity.

While many other choose the routined, older traditional-type office setup called the open office plan, which are designed for people to work together in an open space with each having their individual desk. The biggest drawback of this design is that of inevitable distractions and noise from the co-workers, causing disturbance in accomplishing task that requires focus and concentration. Besides these there are even more styles used in office interior designing which may include : Flexible workspace where all the required accessories and furniture items such as tables, chairs, desks etc are easily moveable as well as resizable. And the biophilic design, in which the workspace reconnects the employees with nature. Apart from these styles some people also opt for creating a home-type atmosphere where their workplace is designed far more relaxing and stress free as much possible.

These styles vary from the type of office to be remodelled, be it a simple office in a flat, a corporate one, an organisation

 or the whole industrial unit.

Inner Art Interiors provides consultation to each coming client whilst discussing detail benefits and disadvantages of every trend and elements a person chooses in getting the commercial place designed.

Along with designing and execution Inner Art Interiors also proffer custom made office furniture made on special demand of the space , theme and elements aligning with company’s goal and values.

Inner Art completely understands today’s modern design trends and its importance to health, motivation and productivity of the workforce. We also have good working relationships with highly qualified vendors that ensure the on time completion of the project.

In short, Inner Art takes care of everything of the client,  so they never need to go through the hassle of dealing with the logistics of supervising multiple contractors. Our in-house team of commercial interior designers bring to table extensive design experience and also have a true understanding of what good office design can cause real estate cost reduction but effectively utilising the allowed space.

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