Architectural services are the services that an architect typically provides; it might include concept design development, preparation of construction documents and construction administration. Beside this there may also be a wide range of additional services including feasibility studies, architectural programming and the project management.

Architectural services include two interrelated but completely distinct endeavours; the planning & design of buildings & spaces… And the administration of construction contracts on behalf of the clients..!!!

 Inner Art Interiors is a renowned company best known for both its interior and architectural services!!! Talking about the architectural services we provide: Inner Art Interiors have always prioritised the client’s view of point! We visualise each client and each project as complete picture, taking into consideration all the key factors that move into and around a building.

Which might include:- keeping its budget in mind, the delivery method, schedule, functionality, environmental footprint, infrastructure requirements and the long term sustainability goals.

Whether designing or constructing new facilities or proposing retrofits for the existing structures.

Inner Art Interiors, carefully shape a team of professionals specialized as architects, consultants and sub- contractors… to meet all the said specific needs of the client!

Focused on creating high-quality work in urban space, living space, working space, cultural space and other design works, Inner Art Interiors unremittingly keens on pursuing the latest international design technology… clinging onto the concept of ‘perfection in the combination of creativity and technology’ resulting in an innovative design creation of experience and integration!!!

 Inner Art Interiors always aims in providing one-stop services to all its clients which include services from designing, management, consultation to support customization, catering, refining design and so on! We tend to provide the customer with comprehensive multi-tasking project management and coordination services!

Our team works early in the process from initial strategic planning, done through programming and design for both Design-Bid-Build and Design-Build efforts. We always at Inner Art Interiors assure that clients will receive the most qualified teams to meet their specialized programmatic needs…!!!

At the time of design disposal i.e to transform the drawings into physical structure; Inner Art Interiors models selected cross disciplinary team members, who engineer all the systems that go into the building, and then manages the construction process from start to finish…!!!

 We always concentrate on enhancing customer experience, meeting up the market needs and strategies, conducive to long-term development and be more compassionate. We also analyze the effects, cost, style, durability, predictability, consumer groups… etc, so as to ensure the competitive advantage of the project. While always enthralled in applying advance products and materials to the project, being favourable in accounts of the cost of project management and pay great attention to the design process also!


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