Drawing room is said to be the reception of a house or in other words a room where visitors or guests may be received and entertained. We now usually use the word Living room also instead of drawing room. It would not be wrong to say that its the drawing room from where the house gets a personality.


Living room or the drawing room is considered to be the room where the family members spend a lot of time… So, it not only needs to look great and beautiful but should also be functional and comfortable. Mastering this trifecta can be a challenge for sure, but Inner Art Interiors is that sure stop point which meet all your needs in this regard…!!!


Since , drawing room are spaces that are stepped into first when someone visits a home…. So it’s that very place which is the definition of your complete house!!! It is therefore very essential that the drawing room is designed and accessorised in a way defining the personality of the house members, character of the space, the feel and ambience.

Inner Art Interiors always consider the value of your living room, knowing that it’s that very place where families actually live. And thus we create a variety of high-quality, handcrafted bespoke furniture with beautiful features and finishes. From the modern and formal to approachable and rustic, we help you customize each piece portraying your needs, demands and mainly your personality.


While furnishing a drawing room seems to be an easy job- couch, sofa, coffee table, lighting etc – but it’s a real tough job , as to get your place settled the way your personality demands, covering all basis and adding a spark to your home.

At Inner Art Interiors we design and manufacture fitted living drawing room furniture. Because of the versatility of customized furniture, we can suit a wide range of styles and specifications.

In our quest to understand how far can a drawing room be accessorised, we provide you with a detail of idea that can let you explore your own space to brighten up and embellish your home! We help you blow life into a cramped living room with a focus on creativity and well-curated furnishing, thus designing a space that truly speaks one’s aesthetic!

So if you are looking for something inspirational…. Inner Art Interiors comes up with combed up details of vast variety of best drawing room furniture ideas… proving that careful planning and a commitment to creativity can surely go a long way…!!!

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